How to Treat 30 August 2018 Dr Ahmad Alcheikh, Professor John Gibson
How to Treat 17 August 2018 Dr Fiona Foo
Therapy Update 14 June 2018 Dr Fiona Foo

A GP's guide to heart disease in women

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Australian women.1 Twenty-two Australian women die from heart disease every day — 10 from a myocardial infarction.2-4
Therapy Update 16 May 2018 Dr Adrienne O’Neil, Anna Scovelle

How to consider gender when managing chronic disease

The global #metoo and #TimesUp movements as well as Australia’s marriage equality vote have brought the topic of gender to the fore.
Student Quiz 10 November 2017 Dr Claire Berman

MCQ: Managing essential hypertension

Please note, these MCQs are not linked to GP's CPD points. For the CPD-accredited quiz, please read the How to Treat article.
How to Treat 10 November 2017 Associate Professor Edward Barin, Dr Sophia Wong, Professor Alberto Avolio, Dr Anastasia Susie Mihailidou
How to Treat 21 July 2017 Dr Patrick Pender, Dr James Otton
How to Treat 07 July 2017 Dr Stefan Buchholz, Dr Catharina Tjahjadi
Category 2 09 June 2017 Australian Doctor Education

Tailoring treatment for VTE

Take a closer look at VTE management in general practice by delving deeper into the preventable and treatable nature of this condition.
How to Treat 05 May 2017 Dr Malcolm Anastasius, Professor Leonard Kritharides, Associate Professor David Sullivan