Case Report 23 July 2018 Dr Simon Ellis, Dr Gavin Sullivan

An alarming diabetes drug interaction

Sharon, a 47-year-old female, was admitted to hospital with a non-ST- segment elevated myocardial infarction (NSTEMI).
Case Report 16 July 2018 Dr Daryl Cheng, Dr Nigel Crawford

When 'ah-choo' turns to the flu

Case 1 Casey, an eight-month-old girl, presents to ED with a five-day history of cough, fever, coryza, lethargy and decreased oral intake. Her work of breathing increased significantly during the 24 hours prior to presentation. 
Case Report 09 July 2018 Dr Jane Standen

Complex regional pain syndrome

David, a 45-year-old male, presents with a painful right hand and wrist. His hand is in a glove and his right forearm rests in a sling.
Case Report 02 July 2018 Dr Christie Beveridge

What's causing these skin blisters?

Janet, 57, presents with a six-month history of recurrent blisters on the dorsum of her hands and feet. She develops a new blister every few days. The lesions are tender and non-pruritic. She also notes photosensitivity affecting her forearms and décolletage.
Case Report 25 June 2018 Dr Samra Saikal

Boil-like lesions and depression plague a patient

Chelsea, a 26-year-old female, presents to a dermatology clinic with acne vulgaris.
Case Report 19 June 2018 Dr Margie Danchin

A timely reminder of the severe complications of influenza

Aubrey, a three-year-old girl, presented to a paediatric emergency department with a five-day history of fever, coryzal symptoms and lethargy. She had a past history of failure to thrive and was up-to-date with her routine childhood immunisations.
Case Report 12 June 2018 Dr Emily Sideris, Dr David Jenkins

A rare instance of HSV puts a mother's new baby at risk

Mary, 29, presents with a single painful nodular lesion on her right palm. She is two weeks’ post-partum, having delivered her baby at 34 weeks’ via emergency caesarean section for pre-eclampsia.
Case Report 04 June 2018 Dr Edna Sun

Gluten for punishment

Toni, a 53-year old office worker, is recalled to discuss a recent elevated cholesterol result. She is generally well and takes no medications.
Case Report 31 May 2018 Dr Theone Papps, Associate Professor Stephen Shumack

Pigmented scale with erythema on the abdomen

Thomas, a 21-year-old Asian male, presents with a four-month history of a rash on his abdomen. The rash is erythematous, pigmented, scaly and blanches. It is non-pruritic, and is exacerbated by sun exposure and sweating.
Case Report 21 May 2018 Dr Elizabeth McCarthy

5 probing questions about flu vaccination in pregnancy

Amy is a 32-year-old traffic engineer who is 30 weeks into her first pregnancy. She attends for her routine antenatal pertussis vaccination and is also considering having an influenza vaccination.