Case Report 28 August 2018 Dr Chandrani Jayasekara

Hepatitis E after a trip to the homeland

Nirav is a 37-year-old man of South-Asian descent. He moved to Australia with his wife 10 years ago and works in a plastics factory. He presents as a new patient, complaining of a high fever and body aches for the past four days.
Case Report 22 August 2018 Dr Carolyn Ee

Managing serotonin syndrome

Sarah is a 34-year-old divorced woman who presents with concerns about her mood and anxiety. She has a two-year history of depression and in the past six months has also developed anxiety symptoms.
Case Report 16 August 2018 Dr David Bossingham

What's causing these green and gold nails?

Earl is 78; he retired from the public service more than 20 years ago because of his rheumatoid arthritis. He received what was conventional treatment at the time but unfortunately the disease progressed.
Case Report 07 August 2018 Dr Edna Sun

Precise pathology picks up hyperparathyroidism

Harry is a 57-year-old man who has moved back to Australia after working in the UK for nine months. He attends for a general health check. He has run out of his antihypertensive tablets (olmesartan 40mg/day) and his blood pressure at home has been around 163/101.
Case Report 30 July 2018 Dr Daniel Xu

Picking up pancreatic cancer

Joseph is 59-year-old accountant who presents with constipation and a mildly reduced appetite. He discloses a six-month history of progressive constipation and has been self-managing by using a stool softener and laxatives.
Case Report 23 July 2018 Dr Simon Ellis, Dr Gavin Sullivan

An alarming diabetes drug interaction

Sharon, a 47-year-old female, was admitted to hospital with a non-ST- segment elevated myocardial infarction (NSTEMI).
Case Report 16 July 2018 Dr Daryl Cheng, Dr Nigel Crawford

When 'ah-choo' turns to the flu

Case 1 Casey, an eight-month-old girl, presents to ED with a five-day history of cough, fever, coryza, lethargy and decreased oral intake. Her work of breathing increased significantly during the 24 hours prior to presentation. 
Case Report 09 July 2018 Dr Jane Standen

Complex regional pain syndrome

David, a 45-year-old male, presents with a painful right hand and wrist. His hand is in a glove and his right forearm rests in a sling.
Case Report 02 July 2018 Dr Christie Beveridge

What's causing these skin blisters?

Janet, 57, presents with a six-month history of recurrent blisters on the dorsum of her hands and feet. She develops a new blister every few days. The lesions are tender and non-pruritic. She also notes photosensitivity affecting her forearms and décolletage.
Case Report 25 June 2018 Dr Samra Saikal

Boil-like lesions and depression plague a patient

Chelsea, a 26-year-old female, presents to a dermatology clinic with acne vulgaris.