Case Report 15 January 2013 Jackie Taylor
Case Report 18 December 2012 Dr Penny Adams
Case Report 11 December 2012 Dr Patrick Coleman

Blood in the urine

Case 1 John is a well-looking 31-year-old man who presents for an insurance medical. With the exception of dipstick urinalysis showing blood ++, his physical examination is unremarkable. He denies macroscopic haematuria, recent trauma or recent respiratory tract infection.
Case Report 22 November 2012 Dr Rene de Monchy

Reacting to catastrophe

Seven-year-old Wayne's uncle was a well-respected man in their small town. As a little boy, Wayne didn't understand he was being 'groomed' by his uncle for sexual abuse -- before it took place under very threatening circumstances.
Case Report 15 November 2012 Eleanor Chapman

A gracious gift

As I write this, my little brother Will is fighting for his life at St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney.
Case Report 08 November 2012 Siobhan Coster

Afraid to eat

Claire is a 19-year-old university student who presents to an outpatients clinic because of her mother's concern that she has an eating disorder.
Case Report 01 November 2012 Dr Stefan Buchholz, Associate Professor Rajesh Subbiah

Fade to grey

Jennifer is a 65-year-old woman who presents with recurrent episodes of syncope over the past decade. She has had six events in the past 12 months, on a background of having at least 2-3 syncopal episodes each year.
Case Report 27 October 2012 Dr Rene de Monchy

Extraordinary dreams

In this article, we explore how medications can affect not only our waking life, but our dream life as well.
Case Report 27 October 2012 Dr Julien Freitag
Case Report 24 October 2012 Dr Patrick Coleman

A passing affair

John is a 70-year-old retired man who presents after a spontaneously resolving episode of ureteric colic. He had one previous episode at age 45 which required surgical intervention. The main constituent of a stone sent for analysis at that time was calcium oxalate.