Case Report 27 November 2017 Dr Scott Masters

Investigating a surfer's 'irritable hip'

Andrew, a 24-year-old carpenter, first presented a year ago because of persistent hip pain.
Case Report 17 November 2017 Dr David Bossingham

The importance of choosing the right drug

The right drug choice is essential and should weigh the expectation of effect against side effects commensurate with the illness.
Case Report 10 November 2017 Dr Adam Bayes, Professor Gordon Parker

Is it bipolar disorder?

Samantha is a 32-year-old beauty therapist referred by her GP for diagnostic clarification. The referral noted she was depressed following a relationship break-up.
Case Report 03 November 2017 The Lancet

More than just a stomach ache

A  23-year-old woman presented to the ED, with a 10-day history of vomiting, myalgia, and upper abdominal pain. 
Case Report 31 October 2017 Dr David Bossingham

An unusual gait and facies point to a rare disease

Simon initially presented 10 years ago. Back then, he was 48 years old and had recently stopped working as a labourer for the local council.
Case Report 27 October 2017 Dr James Slattery

Chronic eye irritation associated with a serious sleep disorder

Matthew, an obese 38-year-old man, presents with an enlarging right upper eyelid mass associated with copious mucoid ocular discharge. It is particularly severe in the morning. He works night shifts, is a heavy smoker and has a BMI of 39.
Case Report 17 October 2017 Dr Emmanuel Carpio, Dr Sandra Elias, Dr Ruben Cohen-Hallaleh

Early detection of flesh-eating disease is key

Susan is a 69-year-old who presents to ED with bilateral lower limb ulcers. She reports severe pain in her left leg for a few days, with associated fevers, chills and rigors. A bulla developed over her left calf yesterday.
Case Report 12 October 2017 Dr Chandrani Jayasekara

Diverticula distress

Trevor, a 59-year-old farmer, was the last patient at your surgery on a Friday evening. He had noticed blood in his urine only a few minutes earlier and was looking for a quick solution as his daughter was getting married the following day.
Case Report 02 October 2017 Dr David Bossingham

Indian holiday could have turned deadly

Smiriti is 38 years old, Australian, a solicitor born of Indian parents, working in a local practice and considered something of a rising star in her profession. She has just returned from a two-week visit to Mumbai with her children, to see her grandparents, and is feeling “rotten”.
Case Report 28 September 2017 Dr Adam Rudkin

Beware the warning signs of 'typical' viral conjunctivitis

Rod, a 35-year-old man, presents with a three-day history of bilateral red eyes, with associated discomfort and watery discharge. Symptoms in the right eye started two days before the left. He has no significant medical history or previous eye problems.