Case Report 08 August 2017 Dr John Cooper, Alexandra Howard, Associate Professor Darryl Wade

Trauma-focused therapy for chronic domestic violence

Stacey, a 28-year-old mother of three young children, is new to the practice. Over the past six weeks, she has attended on several occasions for treatment of her children’s minor ailments.
Case Report 01 August 2017 Dr David Bossingham

A mysterious constant pain

A mysterious constant pain proves a challenge for both patient and practitioner alike. Penny, a 43-year-old patient new to your practice, presented with neck and shoulder pain and extreme fatigue. 
Case Report 25 July 2017 Dr Doron Sher

Case Report: An arm that won't straighten

A painter’s elbow is becoming increasingly painful and difficult to bend. History Mike, a 55-year-old right-handed painter, presents with an aching pain in the right elbow and increasing difficulty bending the elbow.
Case Report 18 July 2017 The Lancet

Case Report: Chronic knee swelling reveals a serious infection

Chronic knee swelling leads to the discovery of a serious infection.
Case Report 11 July 2017 Dr David Bossingham

When providing history is life-saving

An urgent phone call awaits you one morning. It is an uncommon event when the director of intensive care from the local hospital wants your help and advice.
Case Report 04 July 2017 Dr David Bossingham

Recurrent facial pain leads to a chronic diagnosis

Hannah, 40, is a single parent who is well known to you. She presented feeling miserable and in considerable pain from a swelling on the left side of her face. She had experienced rigors overnight and had been vomiting. Swallowing had become impossible.
Case Report 20 June 2017 Dr Chandrani Jayasekara

The female athlete triad

Emily, 23, is a marathon runner, new to the practice. Her presenting complaint is not having had a period for seven months.
Case Report 13 June 2017 Dr Jim Newcombe

Case Report: What’s causing his diarrhoea?

Elias, a seven-year-old boy who lives in suburban Melbourne, presents to his GP having had watery diarrhoea for two weeks. His mother is concerned that this began shortly after a week-long family holiday to rural Victoria, where the family consumed tank water. 
Case Report 06 June 2017 Dr Doron Sher

Case Report: Repairing a muscle tear

A young man feels a sharp pain and something give in his shoulder while lifting weights.
Case Report 30 May 2017 Dr Penny Gosling