Case Report 09 April 2018 Dr Ash Chehata, Dr Robert Irlicht, Dr Kevin Tree

What's the cause of this scuba diver's shoulder pain?

Damien, a previously fit and healthy 54-year-old abalone diver, presented with a 10-year history of increasing bilateral shoulder pain and restricted movement. The pain was relieved by a combination of paracetamol, NSAIDs and rest.
Therapy Update 04 April 2018 Karen Fitt, Dr Anthony Berger

Getting to grips with hand and wrist injuries

Hand and wrist injuries are the most common work-related mishaps in Australia.1 
Case Report 26 March 2018 Dr Daniel Xu

A labral tear or inflammatory arthritis?

Michael, a 28-year-old teacher's assistant, initially presented to another GP practice with moderate-to-severe left hip pain after a long walk five months ago.
Seminars 09 March 2018 Australian Doctor Education

Maximising musculoskeletal health over time

This practical and patient-focused seminar will provide you with an update on maximising musculoskeletal health throughout various life stages - from getting the foundations right during pregnancy to optimising muscle and bone health with ageing.
Picture Quiz 27 February 2018 Dr Ash Chehata

Complications after a shoulder sprain

Jake, a 28-year-old lawyer had a fall from his bicycle directly onto his right shoulder. Each week, How to Treat publishes a clinical picture quiz. The quiz has no CPD points attached, it's just for fun.
Seminars 02 February 2018 Australian Doctor Education Seminars

Musculoskeletal Injuries Seminar

GPs are a frequent first point of call for orthopaedic overuse or trauma injuries. Attend this practical, hands-on seminar and improve your skills in identifying and treating common injuries of the shoulder, knee, foot and ankle.
Case Report 27 November 2017 Dr Scott Masters

Investigating a surfer's 'irritable hip'

Andrew, a 24-year-old carpenter, first presented a year ago because of persistent hip pain.
How to Treat 03 November 2017 Dr Robbie Ray, Dr Andrew Wines
Student Quiz 03 November 2017 Dr Claire Berman

MCQ: Foot pain

Please note, these MCQs are not linked to GP's CPD points. For the CPD-accredited quiz, please read the How to Treat article.
Picture Quiz 27 October 2017 Dr Ash Chehata

A gym junkie presents with a shoulder weakness

Terry is a 32-year-old office worker. He presents with left shoulder weakness. Each week, How to Treat publishes a clinical picture quiz. The quiz has no CPD points attached, it's just for fun.