Therapy Update 15 August 2017 Dr Scott Masters

The 4 main causes of lower leg pain in runners

There are four main causes of lower leg pain in runners. This update offers guidance on how to manage each of them. Running is a popular pastime in Australia that is encouraged by many organisations as being beneficial for one’s health. 
Therapy Update 03 August 2017 Dr Doron Sher

Unstable shoulder

The shoulder is one of the most mobile, but also one of the most dislocated joints in the body.
Picture Quiz 02 August 2017 Dr Ash Chehata

Painful shoulder after a fall

An elderly woman presents with a painful shoulder 8 months after a fall. Each week, How to Treat publishes a clinical picture quiz. The quiz has no CPD points attached, it's just for fun.
Case Report 25 July 2017 Dr Doron Sher

Case Report: An arm that won't straighten

A painter’s elbow is becoming increasingly painful and difficult to bend. History Mike, a 55-year-old right-handed painter, presents with an aching pain in the right elbow and increasing difficulty bending the elbow.
Case Report 20 June 2017 Dr Chandrani Jayasekara

The female athlete triad

Emily, 23, is a marathon runner, new to the practice. Her presenting complaint is not having had a period for seven months.
Case Report 06 June 2017 Dr Doron Sher

Repairing a muscle tear

A young man feels a sharp pain and something give in his shoulder while lifting weights.
Therapy Update 01 June 2017 Dr Luke Wheeler, Dr Grant Tomkinson (PhD)

Treating muscular soft tissue injury

When patients present with a musculoskeletal injury, one of the main goals for a GP is to minimise the risks of re-injury.
How to Treat 26 May 2017 Dr Andrew Wines, Dr Ed O'Leary
Student Quiz 26 May 2017 Dr Claire Berman

MCQ: Ankle pain

Please note, these MCQs are not linked to GP's CPD points. For the CPD-accredited quiz, please read the How to Treat article.
Case Report 02 May 2017 Dr David Bossingham

Case Report: Why is Chris’ leg so sore and warm?

An ex-football player puts off going to the doctor about his sore shin. Chris is 47, a self-employed plumber, ex-rugby league star and local celebrity. He comes to see you with his wife, who implores you to look at his shin.