How to Treat 22 July 2016 Associate Professor Paul Bird
Therapy Update 12 July 2016 Professor Gary Browne

How to recognise concussion in young people

Recognition of concussion can be difficult in young people as the symptoms and signs are non-specific. Tony is a previously well 14-year-old elite male rugby player.
Therapy Update 16 June 2016 Dr Doron Sher

Diagnosing an acutely injured knee

Most acute knee injuries can be diagnosed following a careful history and thorough examination.
Picture Quiz 08 June 2016 Dr Patrick Ng

Quiz: Pain from the hip

James, 26, presents with a two-year history of anterior right hip pain. Take the quiz:
Case Report 07 June 2016 Dr Kwan Yeoh

Case Report: Painful hands in pregnancy

Lucy, a 27-year-old woman is 19 weeks pregnant with her second child. She presents with severe numbness and tingling in both hands, especially the index, middle and ring fingers.
How to Treat 20 May 2016 Dr Anik Shawdon
How to Treat 06 May 2016 Professor Martin Sullivan, Dr Ethan Fraser, Dr James Linklater
Picture Quiz 20 April 2016 Associate Professor Amanda McBride

Quiz: Different leg lengths

Josie is six months old. Her right leg appears shorter than her left, so her mother brings her to the GP. Take the quiz:
Case Report 05 April 2016 Dr Doron Sher

Case Study: Treating patella dislocation

Jessica is 21 years old. She twisted her right knee at netball, dislocating her patella laterally and her knee was stuck in a flexed position.
Therapy Update 21 January 2016 Dr Louise Tofts, Joshua Pate

How to prevent sports injuries in children

GPs know that playing sport is ideally both safe and enjoyable. It allows for children to have fun, learn new gross motor and social skills, and make friends.