Case Report 15 December 2015 Dr Doron Sher

Case Study: Loss of motion

Mary is 75 years old and right-handed. She has had pain in her right shoulder for many years.
Picture Quiz 30 September 2015 Dr Louise Tofts

Quiz: Too flexible?

Sarah is a 10-year-old girl, described by her parents and teachers as “very flexible”. She complains of sore knees and ankles during and after exercise, and a feeling they are unstable. Take the quiz:
Picture Quiz 23 September 2015 Dr Doron Sher

Quiz: Walking wounded

A 55-year-old male accountant slips while walking down some stairs after dinner on Saturday night. He feels a jarring in the knee and finds it difficult to walk afterwards. Take the quiz:
Picture Quiz 09 September 2015 Dr Louise Tofts, Joshua Pate

Quiz: Down at heel

Adrian is a nine-year-old boy who presents with left-sided heel pain with no related trauma. Take the quiz:
Case Report 01 September 2015 Dr Doron Sher

A troublesome knee

Rita is a 65-year-old retired teacher. She remains active, walking for 30 minutes every day and spends time in her garden.
Therapy Update 16 July 2015 Dr Louise Tofts

Coping with joint hypermobility syndrome

Synovial joints that move beyond a normal range of motion can be described as joint hypermobility. Generalised joint hypermobility syndrome is defined by the Beighton score (see next page). A score of four or more out of nine is abnormal.
Case Report 30 June 2015 Dr Doron Sher
Picture Quiz 19 June 2015 Dr Doron Sher

Quiz: Elbow Room

A 50-year-old healthy man, James, presents after hurting his arm while moving a rock. The shape of his arm looks different to the other side. Take the quiz:
Picture Quiz 20 May 2015 Dr Doron Sher

Quiz: Off the cuff

A 65-year-old man visits his GP a week after a fall as he cannot move his arm above his head, although he can use his hand at waist level. Take the quiz:
Examining the Evidence 12 May 2015 Dr Michael Tam

Paracetamol and acute back pain

Karen, a 45-year-old registered nurse, presented with acute low back pain, a day after awkwardly transferring a patient.