Therapy Update 28 November 2014 Dr Alex Donaldson (DHSc)

Concussion and sport

While participating in sport and physical activity has undoubted health benefits, sports-related injuries can pose significant clinical problems. One area of growing concern among sports participants, administrators and doctors is sports-related concussion.
Therapy Update 19 June 2014 Professor George A C Murrell

Shoulder instability

The management of shoulder dislocation has changed dramatically in recent years, as internal rotation sling use is now regarded as incorrect. The shoulder has the largest range of motion of any joint in the body.
Case Report 09 September 2013 Dr Alycia Utberg

Close to the bone

Bill, aged 50, presents with a one-week history of worsening left ankle pain on weight-bearing. In the past two days, he has also developed mild pain in the right ankle.
Case Report 02 July 2013 Dr Darren Paterson and Dr David Bradshaw
Case Report 22 January 2013 Dr Julien Freitag
Case Report 27 October 2012 Dr Julien Freitag
Case Report 26 September 2012 Dr Julien Freitag

A pain in the neck

In the third in our series on cycling-related injuries, we explore a common cause of neck and shoulder pain.
Therapy Update 24 April 2012 Dr Leesa Huguenin

Keeping the older athlete on track

We all know the life expectancy of our population is increasing at a relatively rapid rate due to improvements in disease prevention and treatments.
Therapy Update 17 August 2011 Lisa Yates

Diet tips for optimal bone health

ONE in two Australian women and one in three Australian men over 60 years will have an osteoporotic fracture.1  The most important time for building bone strength is during adolescence and young adulthood when peak bone mass occurs.2