Case Report 03 April 2018 Dr Sarah Hughes

A tired mum with guilty feelings

Anna, a 35-year old woman, married for three years, gave birth to her first child, Thomas, 13 weeks ago. She runs a small floristry business and is due to return to work in four weeks on a part time basis. 
Therapy Update 28 March 2018 Professor David Amor, Associate Professor John Massie

Why it's important to encourage pre-conception screening

Around 3% of infants in Australia are born with a significant physical and/or intellectual disability that is, in many cases, associated with a shortened life span. However, for many of these conditions, it is now possible to identify a genetic cause.
How to Treat 09 March 2018 Dr Erin Sharwood, Professor Jenny Batch
Case Report 06 March 2018 Dr Jim Newcombe

Is this boy’s illness a risk to his pregnant aunt?

Kevin is a four-year-old boy from Indonesia who is visiting family in Australia. He presents with a three-day history of fever and a widespread, pruritic, maculopapular rash. The rash began on his face and quickly spread to his entire body. 
Case Report 13 February 2018 Dr Jim Newcombe

A pruritic rash in pregnancy

Jess, a 35-year-old woman, presents to her GP at 39+1 weeks’ gestation in her first pregnancy. She complains of a widespread pruritic rash that started on the abdomen and back two days ago and has now spread to involve the arms, legs and face.
Case Report 12 December 2017 Dr Peter Chisholm, Dr Alisara Suknate, Dr Lyn-li Lim, Dr Alice Fang

Baby Sam's rash is mimicking measles

Sam, aged 12 months, was brought into the ED by his parents with a two-day history of rash, associated with a five-day history of fever, coryzal symptoms and decreased food intake.
How to Treat 08 December 2017 Dr Asha Short, Associate Professor Louise Hull
Student Quiz 08 December 2017 Dr Claire Berman

MCQ: Gynaecological conditions in adolescence and childhood

Please note, these MCQs are not linked to GP's CPD points. For the CPD-accredited quiz, please read the How to Treat article.
Case Report 04 December 2017 Dr Jim Newcombe

Could she have Lyme disease?

Audrey, a previously well nine-year-old girl, presents to her local emergency department with sudden-onset unilateral facial weakness. One month earlier, she had been bitten on the neck by a tick while in France. 
Picture Quiz 30 November 2017 Dr Peter Ryan

What's in this little girl's ear?

Sarah, a five-year-old girl, is brought into ED by her mother who is concerned about a foreign body in her left ear. Each week, How to Treat publishes a clinical picture quiz. The quiz has no CPD points attached, it's just for fun.