Therapy Update 18 July 2018 Dr Bernadette Prentice, Professor Adam Jaffe, Dr Shafagh Waters

Avatars take lead role in future CF therapy

Under the bright lights of a lab, a cluster of human cells inside a dish is exposed to a novel — and expensive — drug to test its efficacy.
Case Report 16 July 2018 Dr Daryl Cheng, Dr Nigel Crawford

When 'ah-choo' turns to the flu

Case 1 Casey, an eight-month-old girl, presents to ED with a five-day history of cough, fever, coryza, lethargy and decreased oral intake. Her work of breathing increased significantly during the 24 hours prior to presentation. 
How to Treat 05 July 2018 Dr Yusriya Al Rawahi, Dr Nitin Gupta
Picture Quiz 26 June 2018 Dr Kate Kelso

What's the cause of this neonate's rash?

Austin, a four-week-old infant, is brought in by his mother Jane with a rash. Each week, How to Treat publishes a clinical picture quiz. The quiz has no CPD points attached, it's just for fun.
Case Report 19 June 2018 Dr Margie Danchin

A timely reminder of the severe complications of influenza

Aubrey, a three-year-old girl, presented to a paediatric emergency department with a five-day history of fever, coryzal symptoms and lethargy. She had a past history of failure to thrive and was up-to-date with her routine childhood immunisations.
How to Treat 15 June 2018 Dr Angela Chiew, Dr Therese Becker, Dr Rose Cairns
Case Report 12 June 2018 Dr Emily Sideris, Dr David Jenkins

A rare instance of HSV puts a mother's new baby at risk

Mary, 29, presents with a single painful nodular lesion on her right palm. She is two weeks’ post-partum, having delivered her baby at 34 weeks’ via emergency caesarean section for pre-eclampsia.
Picture Quiz 13 May 2018 Dr Paul Muthiah

Bulging, but easily reducible

A mother is concerned about some swellings she has noticed in her one-week-old's groin and scrotum. Each week, How to Treat publishes a clinical picture quiz. The quiz has no CPD points attached, it's just for fun.
Examining the Evidence 02 May 2018 Dr Michael Tam

Should GPs offer lollies to kids at vaccination time?

Olivia, a healthy four-year-old girl, saw me recently with her parents for immunisations. These were performed without incident, apart from Olivia having a cry. 
Case Report 01 May 2018 Dr Jim Newcombe

Return of the staph

Leo, a nine-year-old, previously well boy, is brought to his GP by his mother, who is visibly upset and stressed. Leo has a six-month history of recurrent furunculosis over the thighs and lower torso, which are becoming increasingly frequent.