How to Treat 01 April 2016 Dr Naomi Menday Lee
Case Report 03 November 2015 Dr Daniel Chen

Painful fatigue

Gina is a 34-year-old woman who reports 12 months of fatigue associated with arthralgia and myalgia. Her medical history includes appendicectomy and subclinical hypothyroidism. She takes thyroxine and cranberry tablets.
Case Report 15 September 2015 Associate Professor Amanda McBride

Treating to target

James is a 70-year-old man of Chinese ethnicity. He visits his GP once or twice a year about minor problems. He is first-generation Chinese and has lived here for many years. He does not smoke or drink alcohol. He is retired and walks a brisk 15 minutes a day.
Picture Quiz 22 July 2015 Dr Shiree Perano

Quiz: What's causing this lump?

Jess, a 14-year-old girl, presents with a single neck mass that has been enlarging over the past four months. Take the quiz:  
Case Report 03 February 2015 Dr Devora Lieberman
Therapy Update 21 October 2014 Dr Richard Mendelson and Dr Manusha Ratnayake

Thyroid nodule knowledge

There are plenty of factors to consider when evaluating and managing thyroid nodules.
Therapy Update 29 May 2014 Professor Nick Zwar

How to advise patients on managing diabetes during travel

People with diabetes are travelling more than even before. In the US, the number has been estimated at about three million travellers per year.1
Case Report 11 March 2014 Dr Lisa Simmons

Investigating hypercalcaemia

Greg, a 42-year-old accountant, was referred for investigation of an isolated elevated calcium serum level found on routine testing.
Case Report 22 October 2013 Dr Lisa Simmons
Case Report 25 June 2013 Dr Lisa Simmons

Worrying wait

Mandy is a 28-year-old finance manager who presents to her GP with a six-month history of amenorrhoea. She does not smoke and drinks alcohol socially.