Case Report 16 April 2018 Dr Daniel Xu

A patient with asthma develops reflux

Norma is a 64-year-old accountant. She attends with a classical infective exacerbation of asthma with wheeze, productive cough and increasing shortness of breath on exertion.
Therapy Update 11 April 2018 Dr Georgina Cunningham, Dr Nik Ding, Dr Ray Boyapati

How biologic agents revolutionised IBD management

Over the past two decades, biologic agents have transformed the inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) therapeutic landscape.
How to Treat 26 March 2018 Dr Diana Lewis, Dr Stephen Bloom, Associate Professor Amanda Nicoll, Dr William Kemp, Associate Professor John Lubel
How to Treat 14 February 2018 Professor Gregory Falk, Sophia Little
How to Treat 08 February 2018 Associate Professor Guy Hingston, Dr Karley Heyworth, Dr Stuart Kostalas
Case Report 31 January 2018 Melanie McGrice

What's behind this mum-to-be's bowel problems?

Janine, a 34-year-old woman, was referred at 31 weeks’ gestation for review of intrapartum nutrition. Janine underwent a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass four years ago and an emergency laparotomy for an ischaemic Roux limb at 16 week’s gestation.
Therapy Update 23 November 2017 Dr Rosemary Stanton

How 'good' gut bacteria is gaining ground

We’ve long known that the colorectal region of the gut is teeming with micro-organisms.  We’ve also known that ‘good’ bacteria in the colon multiply when the diet is high in dietary fibre and starches that have resisted digestion in the small intestine. 
Case Report 03 November 2017 The Lancet

More than just a stomach ache

A  23-year-old woman presented to the ED, with a 10-day history of vomiting, myalgia, and upper abdominal pain. 
How to Treat 13 October 2017 Dr John Jorgensen, Dr Jason Maani
Case Report 12 October 2017 Dr Chandrani Jayasekara

Diverticula distress

Trevor, a 59-year-old farmer, was the last patient at your surgery on a Friday evening. He had noticed blood in his urine only a few minutes earlier and was looking for a quick solution as his daughter was getting married the following day.