How to Treat 22 April 2016 Professor Gregory Falk, SarahJayne Vivian
Therapy Update 17 March 2016 Professor Nick Zwar

Treating traveller's diarrhoea while reducing antibiotic resistance

Travellers' diarrhoea remains one of the most common problems experienced by travellers.
Therapy Update 03 March 2016 Dr David Baker

GP guide to treating hep C with new antivirals

The first of March 2016 will be remembered as a remarkable day in Australian medical history. From this date, all people with hepatitis C infection will have access to the newest interferon-free treatment on the PBS.
Therapy Update 25 February 2016 Dr Fei Wen Chen, Dr John Saul Freiman

Hep B: Treatment and complications

This is the final installment of our Update series discussing hepatitis B.
Case Report 19 January 2016 Dr Danielle Ni Chroinin

Case Study: Diagnosing cirrhotic sequelae

William, aged 80, presents with a one-year history of deteriorating mobility, balance and memory.
Picture Quiz 25 November 2015 Dr Vanessa Brooks

Quiz: Newborn jaundice

Imogen was born at 38 week's gestation, after a normal delivery. Shortly after, she was noted to be jaundiced. Take the quiz:
Case Report 08 September 2015 Dr Payal Saxena

Is reflux ever dangerous?

Michael, a 56-year-old man, had several beers during the long weekend.
Case Report 09 June 2015 Dr Payal Saxena

Pancreatic pain

Penny, a 51-year-old woman, presents with a several-week history of episodic sharp epigastric pain, radiating into her back.
Case Report 28 April 2015 Suzie Ferrie

A problematic PEG

Alice, a 69-year-old woman, was discharged from hospital after resection of a malignant carotid tumour three weeks ago.
Therapy Update 12 March 2015 Dr Richard Mendelson

Incidental liver lesions

Incidentalomas are common and often overinvestigated. Here’s how GPs can navigate the management process.