How to Treat 15 September 2017 Dr Jacinta Perram, Dr Caroline Dix, Dr John Gibson
Category 2 09 June 2017 Australian Doctor Education

Tailoring treatment for VTE

Take a closer look at VTE management in general practice by delving deeper into the preventable and treatable nature of this condition.
Case Report 23 May 2017 Dr David Bossingham

Why is Bill’s knee swollen?

Bill is 65 and a retired police inspector. He has been experiencing pain and occasional swelling in his right knee.
Case Report 04 April 2017 Dr Daniel Xu

When VTE is a sign of cancer

Lena is 37-year-old research scientist from China, whose initial presentation was for severe PV bleeding. She presented to the local women’s hospital for investigation and management of severe anaemia.
Clinical Audit 23 March 2017 Australian Doctor Education

Oral anticoagulants: their role in AF management

There is a largely under-appreciated AF (inclusive non-valvular AF) prevalence in Australia. It is estimated that 5.35% of the adult population aged ≥ 55 years are affected by AF.
Case Report 06 December 2016 Dr Steve Flecknoe-Brown

Case Report: Cold hands point to red cells lysis

Bob, 84, was referred for investigation and management of his long-standing anaemia. Apparently, he had been diagnosed with ‘cold anaemia' almost 20 years previously, which resulted in his moving from Melbourne to Queensland.
Case Report 22 November 2016 Dr Piyumi Wijesundera et al

Why did this patient stroke?

Nick, a 63-year-old farmer with a history of paroxysmal AF diagnosed five years ago, presented with sudden-onset vertigo, dysarthria and left-sided cerebellar signs.
Case Report 05 October 2016 Dr Chandrani Jayasekara

The boy and his clot

Harry, a 17-year-old high school student, was brought in to the surgery by his father as an urgent appointment. He was a new patient to the practice. Usually fit and healthy, Harry had woken up that morning with moderately severe pain and discomfort in his left leg.
Case Report 20 September 2016 Dr Steve Flecknoe-Brown

Case Report: Pancytopenia puzzle

An elderly patient presents with a number of differential diagnoses and treatment options. I was asked to see Joan, an 84-year-old who had been sent in with symptomatic anaemia. She was in fact pancytopenic (Hb 54g/L; WCC 1.4×109/L and platelets 54×109/L).
Examining the Evidence 15 February 2016 Dr Michael Tam

Can aspirin prevent DVT in high-risk flyers?

Nicky, a 48-year-old business executive, asked me for advice about deep vein thrombosis (DVT) prophylaxis prior to travel to the US.