Therapy Update 19 October 2017 by Professor John Christodoulou

Advances in mitochondrial disease

In 2011, Australian Doctor published a How to Treat article on mitochondrial disease.1
How to Treat 11 August 2017 by Professor Dominic Thyagarajan
How to Treat 19 May 2017 by Professor Peter Procopis
Case Report 14 March 2017 by Dr Tram Bui, Dr Ana Llado, Dr Kate Scrivener

Case Report: Why is she falling?

A previously mobile woman experiences increasing falls and spasms after her stroke. Helen, aged 74, presents with a six-month history of progressive decline in mobility and frequent falls.
How to Treat 17 February 2017 by Professor Simon Broadley, Dr Andrew Swayne
Case Report 24 January 2017 by Dr Penny Gosling
Case Report 22 November 2016 by Dr Piyumi Wijesundera et al
Therapy Update 18 August 2016 by Rinaldo Minniti

How to recognise alcohol-related brain injury

Brain changes due to alcohol misuse are often misdiagnosed or not recognised. The behavioural manifestations of alcohol and other drug use are well known, especially in the context of intoxication. However, the ‘hidden', long-term effects are less well known.
Case Report 02 August 2016 by Dr Tram Bui, Dr Stuart Browne, Dr Clayton King

Case Report: Achieving normality after a young man's brain trauma

Simon, a 32-year-old father of one, is a self-employed IT professional. He experienced a traumatic brain injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident three weeks ago.
Therapy Update 12 July 2016 by Professor Gary Browne

How to recognise concussion in young people

Recognition of concussion can be difficult in young people as the symptoms and signs are non-specific. Tony is a previously well 14-year-old elite male rugby player.