Case Report 06 March 2019 Dr Ruth Devin

A 66-year-old presents to ED with functional and cognitive decline

Kevin, a 66-year-old previously independent retired social worker, is brought to ED with a one-month history of progressive cognitive changes and functional decline. His wife describes him as becoming unusually short-tempered, combative and agitated.
Therapy Update 26 February 2019 Dr Ruth Myers

When to suspect a cerebral spinal fluid leak

Most clinicians are familiar with the features of a post-lumbar puncture headache, with its hallmark severe, global head and neck pain, which is relieved by lying flat.
Case Report 18 February 2019 Dr Daniel Xu

Why does this young patient keep crashing his car?

Sebastian, a 28-year-old chemistry PhD student, presents with a two-month history of insomnia. Sebastian is in the process of final data analysis and writing up his thesis.
Therapy Update 14 February 2019 Professor Kaarin Anstey

A GP's guide to reducing dementia risk

Dementia, a syndromal diagnosis, has multiple and varied risk factors and pathologies. Therefore, the most promising current strategy for dementia risk reduction is to target known risk factors.
Case Report 31 January 2019 Dr Ivan Lee

A man presents with olfactory, visual and auditory hallucinations

Hugh is a 44-year-old unemployed man with a childhood history of absence (petit mal) seizures. He presents with a few months of bizarre olfactory, visual and auditory hallucinations.
Therapy Update 18 January 2019 Dr Chris Ifediora

A GP's guide on when to refer for imaging in headache

Deciding when to order brain imaging in general practice should, in theory, be relatively straightforward: most current guidelines rely on the identification of ‘red flags’, that are aimed at providing clarity.1,2
Therapy Update 14 January 2019 Ashley Heyworth, Dr Meredith Hinds

Treating Wernicke’s encephalopathy

Wernicke’s encephalopathy is an underrecognised and undertreated acute neurological condition.
How to Treat 12 December 2018 Dr Shuli Cheng, Dr Elspeth Hutton
Therapy Update 10 December 2018 Associate Professor Kathryn Ellis, Associate Professor Kay Cox, Professor Nicola Lautenschlager

The evidence for exercise in dementia prevention

Physical inactivity is the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality according to the WHO.
How to Treat 15 November 2018 Dr Owen Davies, Dr Stephanie Harrison, Dr Kate Laver, Dr Suzanne Dyer