Case Report 06 September 2016 Professor Francis Thien, Dr Raymond Mariasoosai

What's causing this otherwise healthy woman's breathing difficulties?

Mary, 66, presents with progressive dyspnoea over one month with left shoulder tip pain. She is a previously well, lifelong non-smoker and retired teacher.
How to Treat 13 May 2016 Professor Dickon Hayne, Dr Janice Cheng
Case Report 23 February 2016 Associate Professor Gregory Crawford

Managing pain for metastatic cancer patients

Jean is 78 years old and has recently moved close to her daughter. In her first consultation with her new GP, Jean explains she is widowed, and has recently been diagnosed with carcinoma of the lung.
Case Report 16 February 2016 Dr Payal Saxena

Case Study: Not all polyps are the same

Rachel is a 28-year-old lawyer. For five weeks, she has been working very long hours and not eating regular, healthy meals.
Therapy Update 28 January 2016 Dr Nicholas Wilsmore

Tailoring oral lung cancer treatments to specific mutations

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer mortality in Australia, and continues to carry a poor prognosis compared with other solid organ malignancies, even when diagnosed early.
Therapy Update 20 November 2015 Dr Robert Hitchins

Cancer screening and overdiagnosis

When screening for cancer and cardiovascular disease, it can be difficult to determine at what point the degree of benefit warrants the extra risks and costs involved.
Picture Quiz 18 November 2015 Associate Professor Amanda McBride

Quiz: A breast lump

Elisabeth is a 39-year-old woman who presents after noticing a change in her left breast when showering. Take the quiz:
Therapy Update 16 October 2015 Dr Mark Pinkham, Dr Peter Gorayski

Brain metastases

Brain metastases occur in up to one in five patients with cancer, with solid malignancies originating outside of the central nervous system.
Case Report 08 October 2015 Carissa Naidoo and Dr Selvan Pather

Mistaken identity

Sandra is 74 years old, referred by her GP. She presents with a two-week history of abdominal distention and discomfort, anorexia and significant weight loss.
Case Report 29 September 2015 Dr Mark Pinkham and Dr Peter Gorayski