Case Report 08 September 2015 Dr Payal Saxena

Is reflux ever dangerous?

Michael, a 56-year-old man, had several beers during the long weekend.
Therapy Update 13 August 2015 Dr Robert Hitchins

Cancer and the older patient

Maybe it’s time to have a frank discussion about cancer trials and treatments.
Case Report 21 July 2015 Dr Trevor Tejada-Berges

Not a pregnancy

Alex is a healthy 29-year-old woman who presented in the first trimester of her fourth pregnancy complaining of hyperemesis gravidarum. Ultrasound demonstrates a live fetus, with no obvious abnormalities.
Case Report 14 July 2015 Associate Professor Gregory Crawford

Remains of the day

John is 74 years old, a long-term patient, and lives with his wife, Linda. They have three supportive daughters nearby with families of their own.
Therapy Update 11 June 2015 Dr Robert Hitchins

Melanoma movement

The list of treatment options for melanoma in Australia is growing almost as quickly as the rate of diagnosis.
Case Report 09 June 2015 Dr Payal Saxena

Pancreatic pain

Penny, a 51-year-old woman, presents with a several-week history of episodic sharp epigastric pain, radiating into her back.
Case Report 19 May 2015 Dr Sam Saidi

Investigating a large ovarian cyst

Susan, a 34-year-old female, was referred following a six-month history of early satiety, abdominal distension and increased urinary frequency.
Therapy Update 07 May 2015 Dr Robert Hitchins

Exploring the sugar-cancer link

Occam's, or Ockham's, razor is a problem-solving principle devised by the English Franciscan friar and philosopher William of Ockham (c.1287-1347).
Therapy Update 09 April 2015 Associate Professor Sandra Turner, Dr Peter Gorayski

Radiotherapy use in cancer

Remarkable technological improvements over the past two decades make radiotherapy an essential element in cancer therapy.
Therapy Update 26 February 2015 Dr Robert Hitchins

Breast cancer: the risks of treatment

While the incidence of breast cancer has continued to rise, mortality from the disease has decreased every year since 1992 in the US, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.