sponsored 07 December 2018 Dr Daman Langguth and Daniel Schuster

Making sense of autoantibodies: practical pathology tips for GPs

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Case Report 04 December 2018 Dr Daniel Xu

Quick thinking makes a crucial difference for a boy with leukaemia

Matthew, a seven-year-old boy and a regular patient of the practice, presents with another upper respiratory tract infection. It is the fourth episode in the past five weeks.
Case Report 14 November 2018 Dr Ivan Lee

How a painful rash ended in urgent chemo

Fiona, a 65-year-old retired woman, who is generally very healthy, presents with a one-week history of a generalised painful rash. It initially affected her vagina then progressed to involve her chest and abdomen.
Therapy Update 13 November 2018 Dr Melody Caramins

A GP guide to MBS items for BRCA genes

Increasing awareness of the role of genetics in breast and ovarian cancer, and a number of new and widely publicised MBS items providing rebated testing related to BRCA genes, have resulted in a rise in enquiries to GPs from patients about these tests.
Picture Quiz 08 November 2018 Associate Professor Tom Sutherland

A patient presents after a positive FOBT

Martha, a 59-year-old woman, was referred for a colonoscopy after having a positive faecal occult blood test (FOBT).
Case Report 07 August 2018 Dr Edna Sun

Precise pathology picks up hyperparathyroidism

Harry is a 57-year-old man who has moved back to Australia after working in the UK for nine months. He attends for a general health check. He has run out of his antihypertensive tablets (olmesartan 40mg/day) and his blood pressure at home has been around 163/101.
Picture Quiz 29 May 2018 Dr Paul Goodridge

Does this FBC indicate acute lymphocytic leukaemia?

Vic is a 67-year-old male who works as a delivery driver. He presents to his GP with one month of lethargy and easy bruising. Each week, How to Treat publishes a clinical picture quiz. The quiz has no CPD points attached, it's just for fun.
How to Treat 20 April 2018 Dr Jacinta Perram, Dr John Gibson
How to Treat 08 February 2018 Associate Professor Guy Hingston, Dr Karley Heyworth, Dr Stuart Kostalas
Therapy Update 09 November 2017 Dr Terri Foran

The prenatal testing revolution

Human reproduction is an extremely complex process and genetic mishaps are not uncommon. Prior to fertilisation, 20-24% of all ova have an abnormal number of chromosomes, or aneuploidy.1, 2