How to Treat 01 February 2018 by Yasmeen Al-Hindawi, Associate Professor Deborah H Yates
Therapy Update 13 November 2017 by Dr Anup Desai

Nocturnal hypoventilation

Sleep disorders are common and often unaddressed. One of the barriers to successful management is awareness of the conditions, both at a doctor and patient level.
Case Report 27 October 2017 by Dr James Slattery

Chronic eye irritation associated with a serious sleep disorder

Matthew, an obese 38-year-old man, presents with an enlarging right upper eyelid mass associated with copious mucoid ocular discharge. It is particularly severe in the morning. He works night shifts, is a heavy smoker and has a BMI of 39.
Therapy Update 23 October 2017 by Professor Amanda Barnard

Preparing for the next thunderstorm asthma

After last spring's epidemic thunderstorm asthma event in Victoria, the worst ever recorded worldwide, the phenomenon is back in the news ahead of the first grass pollen season in south-eastern Australia.1
How to Treat 06 October 2017 by Associate Professor John Massie
Category 2 25 August 2017 by Australian Doctor Education

Smoking Cessation

Complete this module to learn practical tips to help patients, including those suffering from mental illness, successfully stop smoking.
Therapy Update 20 July 2017 by Dr Anup Desai, Dr Yizhong Zheng

New thinking on obstructive sleep apnoea

What are the new directions in causation and treatment of OSA?
Therapy Update 15 June 2017 by Dr David Cunnington, Hailey Meaklim

Why distress from insomnia must be addressed

The distress associated with insomnia compounds the condition and must be addressed. Insomnia is a common problem in general practice, with 13-30% of the adult population in Australia having regular difficulty getting to or staying asleep.1,2
Therapy Update 27 April 2017 by Dr Jennifer Alison, Dr Lissa Spencer

A look at the new guidelines for pulmonary rehabilitation

New guidelines on pulmonary rehabilitation focus on evidence-based, non-drug interventions for people with chronic lung disease.
How to Treat 03 March 2017 by Associate Professor John Massie