How to Treat 09 September 2016 Dr Steven Maltby (PhD), Conjoint Professor Peter Gibson, Professor Joerg Mattes, Associate Professor Vanessa McDonald
Case Report 06 September 2016 Professor Francis Thien, Dr Raymond Mariasoosai

Case Report: What's causing this otherwise healthy woman's breathing difficulties?

Mary, 66, presents with progressive dyspnoea over one month with left shoulder tip pain. She is a previously well, lifelong non-smoker and retired teacher.
Therapy Update 25 August 2016 Dr Raymond Mariasoosai, Dr Alan Young

Treating chronic daytime sleepiness

A range of measures exists for treating patients with chronic daytime sleepiness.  Sophie is a 20-year-old university student of slim build with an eight-year history of significant daytime sleepiness.
How to Treat 05 August 2016 Associate Professor John Massie
How to Treat 27 May 2016 Dr Anup Desai, Rosemary Clancy
Therapy Update 19 May 2016 Dr Ali Aminazad, Professor Frank Thien

Managing asthma when inhalers and steroids are not sufficient

Stanley, a 67-year-old retired bank employee, presents with asthma that he is having trouble controlling. He is an ex-smoker of five-pack-years and does not recall any linked occupational exposure.
Case Report 15 March 2016 Dr Jan Orman

Case Study: Treating sleep disturbance and depression

Melanie, 45, presents to her GP asking for "something to help me sleep". She is known to the practice as a result of extensive fertility investigations and many unsuccessful treatment cycles some years ago.
How to Treat 12 February 2016 Professor Graeme Maguire
Student Quiz 12 February 2016 Dr Claire Berman

MCQ: Atypical respiratory infections in adults

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