Therapy Update 28 January 2016 Dr Nicholas Wilsmore

Tailoring oral lung cancer treatments to specific mutations

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer mortality in Australia, and continues to carry a poor prognosis compared with other solid organ malignancies, even when diagnosed early.
Case Report 08 December 2015 Dr Katrina Tonga
Therapy Update 02 July 2015 Dr Nicholas Chin

GOLD star treatment for COPD

As our appreciation of the role COPD plays in increasing morbidity grows, so too does the range of new inhalers on the market.
Therapy Update 19 March 2015 Dr Nicholas Chin

New options for patients with COPD

COPD is a debilitating pulmonary disease characterised by abnormal and permanent dilatation of airspace distal to the terminal bronchioles.
Case Report 16 December 2014 Dr Nicholas Chin

TB or not TB, that is the question

A 56-year-old male nursing home resident is sent to the ED by his GP for suspected pulmonary tuberculosis. 
Case Report 08 July 2014 Associate Professor Amanda McBride

Tricky diagnosis for a non-smoker

A middle-aged non-smoker receives devastating news.
Case Report 27 May 2014 Dr Ali Aminazad and Professor Frank Thien
Case Report 20 May 2014 Dr Robert Hitchins

Complications of cancer

What could be causing disseminated symptoms in a patient with lung cancer?
Therapy Update 27 March 2014 Dr Michael Stubbs

Helping breathing while sleeping

Sleep-disordered breathing conditions include obstructive sleep apnoea and upper airway resistance syndrome.
Case Report 18 February 2014 Dr Ali Aminazad and Professor Frank Thien