Case Report 04 July 2017 Dr David Bossingham

Recurrent facial pain leads to a chronic diagnosis

Hannah, 40, is a single parent who is well known to you. She presented feeling miserable and in considerable pain from a swelling on the left side of her face. She had experienced rigors overnight and had been vomiting. Swallowing had become impossible.
Case Report 23 May 2017 Dr David Bossingham

Why is Bill’s knee swollen?

Bill is 65 and a retired police inspector. He has been experiencing pain and occasional swelling in his right knee.
How to Treat 07 April 2017 Dr Sam Chia, Dr Jerry Lin
Case Report 21 March 2017 Dr David Bossingham

Case Report: Lupus - 'the great mimic'

Hazel is 50 years old and emigrated from the Philippines when she was 25. She works as a waitress, is married, and she and her husband have one child.
Case Report 21 February 2017 Dr Penny Gosling

A twitch, a cough and a weakness

A patient with a history of extreme fitness presents with an unusually abrupt constellation of symptoms. Brian is a 67-year-old retired engineer whose initial presentation was for idio-pathic blepharospasm.
Case Report 14 February 2017 Dr David Bossingham

Case Report: Vaccination risks and benefits for patients taking biologics

Patients receiving biologic therapy need counselling about vaccination risks and benefits. Sandra is 42, a single mother and freelance merchandiser.
Case Report 07 February 2017 Dr Ebtisam Elghblawi

Case Report: Controlling a painful fungal infection

Hana, aged 36, and mother of three young children, was referred for diagnosis and treatment of a suspected fungal infection involving her nails and her scalp. On presentation, she appeared well although she walked with a slight limp.
Therapy Update 19 December 2016 Associate Professor Vicki Kotsirilos

How a handful of lifestyle changes helped reduce a patient’s OA pain

Anne, 75, presents with chronic osteoarthritis (OA) of her right knee.
Case Report 29 November 2016 Dr David Bossingham
Case Report 01 November 2016 Dr David Bossingham

Diagnosing a crushing back pain

Ron is 58 and works as a truck driver. He rarely attends the surgery and takes no regular medications. Today, he comes in looking quite dreadful. He walks with difficulty and in a crouched posture, and is obviously in great pain.