How to Treat 23 September 2016 Dr Sam Chia, Dr Jerry Lin
Student Quiz 23 September 2016 Dr Claire Berman

MCQ: Osteoarthritis of the hip

Please note, these MCQs are not linked to GP's CPD points. For the CPD-accredited quiz, please read the How to Treat article.
Case Report 13 September 2016 Dr David Bossingham

Screening for the red flags of low back pain

Carole is a 60-year-old registered nurse who works at the local hospital. She presents with severe pain in her back and the anterior part of her right leg.
How to Treat 29 July 2016 Associate Professor Mark Arnold
How to Treat 22 July 2016 Associate Professor Paul Bird
Case Report 19 April 2016 Dr David Bossingham
Case Report 08 March 2016 Associate Professor Mark Arnold

History beats imaging for Trendelenburg's sign

Vicki, 62 years old, has persistent right buttock pain present for six years. It interferes with sleeping on her right side, squatting and standing up from a low chair.
Case Report 26 January 2016 Dr David Bossingham

Case Study: The trouble with diagnosing lupus

Bernard is a 54-year-old accountant, who regularly attends his GP and is worried about his health.
Case Report 24 November 2015 Dr David Bossingham

Case Study: Atypical arthritis

Bella is a 19-year-old Queenslander who attends with her mother. For 10 days, she has been experiencing joint pains, especially in her knees and ankles.