Case Report 14 October 2014 Associate Professor Mark Arnold
Case Report 06 May 2014 Dr Michael Tam, Dr Joel Rhee

Could it be rheumatoid arthritis?

James, a fit 70-year-old man, recently saw a GP registrar for a general checkup. James had symptoms of arthritis in his hands. The registrar assumed this was osteoarthritis but ordered a rheumatoid factor test along with other pathology tests.
Case Report 01 April 2014 Dr Helen Mackie

Yellow nail syndrome

Sylvia, a 60-year-old woman, was referred to our lymphoedema clinic for assessment and management of widespread oedema of her limbs and face. This has developed in the six months since a bout of severe bronchopneumonia, diagnosed as legionnaire’s disease.
Case Report 26 March 2013 Dr Darren Paterson and Dr David Bradshaw

Getting to the bottom of pain

Pain in the hip region can have many different sources. Case Elizabeth is a 54-year-old woman who presents with progressively worsening right hip pain. She first noticed the pain a few years ago.
Therapy Update 07 February 2013 Dr Julien Frietag

Biotechnology therapy for osteoarthritis

Promising new biotechnology-based treatments for osteoarthritis are achieving both symptom control and modification of disease progression. Arthritis is a major cause of disability and chronic pain in Australia.
Examining the Evidence 20 November 2012 Dr Michael Tam

Is glucosamine effective for osteoarthritis pain?

Doris is a 58-year-old lady with osteoarthritis. She experiences this condition mostly as chronic knee pain. One day she asks me: “I’ve heard a lot about glucosamine. What do you think?”