Category 2 21 June 2018 Australian Doctor Education

Breaking the osteoporosis trend

Take a closer look at osteoporosis management in general practice by delving deeper into prevention, detection, diagnosis, pharmacological management and lifestyle interventions to support this chronic disease.
Category 2 28 March 2018 Australian Doctor Education

Urticaria: Why and what next?

Get to grips with urticaria diagnosis and management by learning about the different patient groups with this condition, the factors that influence treatment decisions, and appropriate non-pharmacological and pharmacological management strategies for specific patient groups.
Category 2 25 August 2017 Australian Doctor Education

Smoking cessation

Complete this module to learn practical tips to help patients, including those suffering from mental illness, successfully stop smoking.
Category 2 09 June 2017 Australian Doctor Education

Tailoring treatment for VTE

Take a closer look at VTE management in general practice by delving deeper into the preventable and treatable nature of this condition.