1000+ clinical articles written by doctors for doctors

What is the new How to Treat website?

  • HowtoTreat.com.au brings together more than 1000 clinical articles and education written by doctors for doctors that have been published by the group’s leading medical publications Australian Doctor and Medical Observer.

Why launch a separate website?

  • At Australian Doctor Group, we publish a huge amount of quality clinical content written by medical experts that often gets buried behind the online daily news. The new How to Treat website brings all of that content and education to life in a user-friendly way.
  • This is where where you can find the How to Treat articles you’ve always known and loved, but now on easy-to-read web pages, rather than in PDFs.
  • Case reports, therapy updates and clinical guidelines and quizzes will also feature on the new website.

Where do I find my CPD education?

  • All Australian Doctor Education (including CPD education, online modules and clinical audits) are listed under CPD in the navigation bar at the top of the home page.

Help! I can’t login?

  • You should have received an email asking you to reset your password. We need you to do this as we have moved to a new system.
  • If you are still having issues, you can call our customer service team on 1300 360 126.

How do I get a How to Treat newsletter?

  • If you are subscribed to receive the Australian Doctor e-newsletter, you will automatically receive a weekly How to Treat e-newsletter featuring the latest content and education. This has also been designed to be mobile friendly.
  • You can check your email subscriptions if you don’t currently receive it.

Is How to Treat in the print magazine changing?

  • No, don’t worry! The weekly How to Treat feature in the Australian Doctor magazine remains unchanged. To earn CPD points, visit www.howtotreat.com.au.

What is the Australian Doctor Group Network?

  • Click ‘Our Network’ to explore our different sites.
  • Once you are within the website, you can access our three other sites with the Australian Doctor Group network - Australian Doctor for your news, Medical Observer for cutting-edge opinion, 6minutes for a snappy start to the day as well as How toTreat for all your clinical articles and education.