Published Articles

Consider the scope of IBS treatment options

It's a common presentation in general practice, but remains difficult to treat.
22 March 2019

Naturopathic 'remedy' aggravates the thyroid

A patient tries to manage his hypothyroidism with iodine
25 February 2019

The pros and cons of probiotics

Could probiotics provide an alternative to antibiotics?
21 February 2019

Battling bloating and pain

Lifestyle change can improve debilitating IBS and may ease symptoms of endometriosis.
19 December 2018

How living well can keep dementia at bay

Lifestyle modification will likely do more for staving off dementia than supplements.
19 September 2018

What happened when a patient with PCOS made some serious lifestyle changes

A 38-year old woman is concerned about a 12-month history of infrequent periods.
13 December 2017

Does modern science support the traditional medicinal use of turmeric?

Lisa Yates probes a dietary fad with long historical roots.
16 October 2017

After pulling through breast cancer, a patient faces new problems

Associate Professor Vicki Kotsirilos discusses a complicated case.
25 July 2017

An integrative approach to prevention of IBD flares

The case of a patient who seeks non-drug options to treat her colitis - but continues to smoke.
22 May 2017

How some lifestyle tweaks helped address a lawyer's insomnia

Sleep hygiene is essential, but a supplement can sometimes assist.
10 April 2017