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A GP's guide to common variable immunodeficiency

A diagnosis is often delayed by up to five years. Here’s how you can identify the clues and track down the disorder.
07 March 2019

If in doubt, should he pull this tick out?

Simon, 32, presents with a 24-hour history of itchy, red wheal on the torso.
05 February 2019

First the itch, then the crusting

A 44-year-old woman presents with a six-month history of a pruritic rash affecting the chest, trunk and post auricular area bilaterally.
13 December 2018

Inflammatory bowel disease

Read this How to Treat article and take the quiz to earn 2 RACGP QI&CPD points or 1 ACRRM point.
19 October 2018

Deciphering the myriad symptoms of Behcet's disease

This rare and poorly understood condition is prevalent in certain populations.
11 September 2018

Is it plaque-related or desquamative gingivitis?

Nya is a 23-year-old student concerned about pain and bleeding from her gums for the past seven months.
20 June 2018

Muscle pains and a mystery rash

What’s prompted Michael’s infective-looking illness?
23 April 2018

Magic bullets - the biologics revolution

The development of highly specific antibodies known as biologics is an area of scientific wizardry that requires a mix of inspiration and good fortune.
09 March 2018

George presents with painful ulcers, erosions and blisters

George, a 50-year-old man, initially presented with intraoral ulcerations, erosions on his scalp and blisters on his face.
07 March 2018

Treating a recurring chest infection

A health-conscious patient presents with recurrent chest infection. What’s the underlying cause?
06 February 2018