Published Articles

A GP's guide to managing weight in older patients

One size does not fit all in managing obesity after patients hit 60.
26 March 2019

Consider the scope of IBS treatment options

It's a common presentation in general practice, but remains difficult to treat.
22 March 2019

Tricky lipids - a GP's guide to familial hypercholesterolaemia

In this module, you will learn how to diagnose FH by understanding key signs and employing cascade screening and diagnostic tools.
18 February 2019

A GP's guide to reducing dementia risk

Up to 10% of the population aged 65 and over are likely to develop the condition, so what can GPs do to lower prevalence?
14 February 2019

Battling bloating and pain

Lifestyle change can improve debilitating IBS and may ease symptoms of endometriosis.
19 December 2018

Can tai chi reduce the risk of falls?

Gentle martial arts are a safe way to improve balance and cognition in older adults.
18 December 2018

6 skin conditions that can improve with the right diet

How nutritional interventions can help manage a range of dermatological conditions.
12 December 2018

Avascular necrosis of the femoral head

A relatively young patient presents with severe  groin pain and functional limitations. How did a man of his age develop such advanced symptoms?
11 December 2018

The evidence for exercise in dementia prevention

Here are some tips for encouraging patients to exercise.
10 December 2018

Better diet helps beat depression

Within months, the patient’s anxiety had disappeared and her mood was upbeat.
09 November 2018