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Can tranexamic acid stem this patient's anaemia?

Her specialists made a joint decision to advise against surgery.
11 February 2019

New agents in rheumatology - biologics and small molecules

Read this How to Treat article and take the quiz to earn 2 RACGP QI&CPD points or 1 ACRRM point.
06 February 2019

A GP's guide to treating depression

The therapeutic armoury for depression is evolving - from novel treatments like ketamine to tried and trusted SSRIs. Catch up with the latest thinking.
06 February 2019

What's the best treatment option for this psoriasis?

James, a 60-year-old smoker, presents with widespread erythematous, scaly plaque that is predominantly on extensor surfaces.
23 October 2018

A GP guide to post-MI antiplatelets

Once upon a time all we could offer patients after an acute MI was bed rest; now we have an armoury of therapies
12 October 2018

Stop calling them blood thinners

Here’s what all those coagulation-affecting medications should be called.
25 September 2018

Warts and all - a common problem

Simon, 45, who has been taking adalimumab (a tumour necrosis factor inhibitor) for severe psoriasis, presents with hyperkeratotic lesions on his index finger
06 September 2018

The drugs that have cancer on the run

Checkpoint inhibitors offer another approach for tackling advanced melanoma.
27 August 2018

Managing serotonin syndrome

A patient presents feeling agitated, restless and sweaty, and having vomited the night before.  What could be causing all these symptoms?
22 August 2018

Taking aim at mutant genes to treat melanoma

After many years of standstill and unsuccessful attempts, therapeutic advances have significantly improved the survival of patients with melanoma.
20 August 2018