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How to juggle testosterone therapy when supply is short

Here’s how to juggle a patient’s testosterone therapy when supply shortages hit the market.
27 November 2018

Treating chronic testis pain

Chronic orchialgia can be challenging as there's often no clues to the cause.
04 October 2018

How healthy living is also good for sperm

The evidence shows that positive behavioural changes can help improve male infertility
17 July 2018

Domestic and family violence

Read this How to Treat article and take the quiz to earn 2 RACGP QI&CPD points or 1 ACRRM point.
08 June 2018

Cutting through the confusion around changes to PSA testing

Urologic oncologist Dr Ian Vela spells out the current state of play.
30 May 2018

Managing breast swelling in males

Serious causes must be ruled out, but many distressed patients can be reassured.
01 September 2017

Patient selection and careful monitoring are important with testosterone therapy

Read our latest Understanding Men column.
18 July 2017

Men and metabolic syndrome — a quick guide

The role of low testosterone levels in prevention of type 2 diabetes is not yet defined.
19 December 2016

A life-course approach in primary care can turn the tide for young men

Understanding Men: Professor Gary Wittert writes about a sex-specific disease challenge.
07 October 2016

We must discuss fertility with young men diagnosed with cancer

Understanding Men: Often doctors do not initiate the discussion, and the chance to preserve fertility is lost.
27 July 2016