Published Articles

A GP's guide to treating depression

The therapeutic armoury for depression is evolving - from novel treatments like ketamine to tried and trusted SSRIs. Catch up with the latest thinking.
06 February 2019

A GP guide to tackling conduct problems in kids

Behavioural problems in early life are a precursor for mental health disorders. Here’s what to look out for and how to help.
28 November 2018

Better diet helps beat depression

Within months, the patient’s anxiety had disappeared and her mood was upbeat.
09 November 2018

A GP's guide to getting patients moving for their mental health

We now have a wealth of evidence to support exercise for mental health
06 November 2018

Achieving normality after brain trauma

A patient presents feeling dizzy and tired three weeks after a motor vehicle accident, wanting to know when he can drive and get back to work.
18 October 2018

Detecting elder abuse in women – and what to do about it

The perpetrator is usually someone the elderly person knows and trusts.
06 September 2018

Managing serotonin syndrome

A patient presents feeling agitated, restless and sweaty, and having vomited the night before.  What could be causing all these symptoms?
22 August 2018

How mindfulness techniques can help with obesity

Mindfulness techniques can assist patients to achieve incremental weight-loss goals.
10 July 2018

Boil-like lesions and depression plague a patient

What steps would you take to diagnose and treat this patient and her longstanding issue?
25 June 2018

Is it bipolar disorder?

A young woman presents with depression after a relationship break-up.
10 November 2017