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Avascular necrosis of the femoral head

A relatively young patient presents with severe  groin pain and functional limitations. How did a man of his age develop such advanced symptoms?
11 December 2018

5 tips for back pain care that will improve patient outcomes

These key areas of care will avoid unnecessary interventions and get your patients back in the game.
07 December 2018

What's causing this rugby player's burning foot pain?

Anderson, 20, presents with three weeks of burning pain and paraesthesia along the medial sole of his left foot, radiating into the big toe.
05 December 2018

A carpenter's elbow 'pops' while lifting a heavy load

Leon, a 43-year-old carpenter, spent last weekend helping a mate move. While lifting a refrigerator, he heard two ‘pops’ and developed slight pain in the left elbow.
05 November 2018

Continuing wrist pain and movement restriction

Callum, a 22-year-old rugby league player, fell in a heavy tackle on to his outstretched left wrist.
14 August 2018

Lumbar radiculopathy and disc herniation

Read this How to Treat article and take the quiz to earn 2 RACGP QI&CPD points or 1 ACRRM point.
01 August 2018

How GPs can block the ACL surgery spike

Reconstruction rates for young Australians with ACL injuries have increased by 74% in the past 15 years. GPs can play a vital role in reducing this figure.
26 July 2018

Light at the end of the carpal tunnel

For patients with troublesome carpal tunnel syndrome, a full recovery is possible with either open or endoscopic surgery.
10 July 2018

Shoulder pain on overhead movement

Gavin, a 50-year-old businessman, presents with three months of gradually worsening left shoulder pain.
03 July 2018

What's the cause of this scuba diver's shoulder pain?

The fit and healthy long-term diver can’t shake off his shoulder pain.
09 April 2018