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Is it lichen planus or something more menacing?

Glenda is a 63-year-old regular patient who presents with a sore throat.
13 February 2019

Quick thinking makes a crucial difference for a boy with leukaemia

The presentation was atypical in terms of symptoms, predisposing factors and cytogenetic studies.
04 December 2018

What mucosal changes are linked with betel quid use?

Rakesh is a 37-year old male who recently moved to Australia from India. Over the past six months, he has had increasing difficulty opening his mouth and protruding his tongue.
12 September 2018

Is it plaque-related or desquamative gingivitis?

Nya is a 23-year-old student concerned about pain and bleeding from her gums for the past seven months.
20 June 2018

Changes in the hard palate

Harold, 40, has been referred for further assessment of hard palate changes noted by his dentist.
27 June 2017

Whitening of the tongue

A 32-year-old man is referred by his dentist for assessment of whitening on the dorsum of his tongue.
10 May 2017

An oral blood blister

01 March 2017

A painless fat lip

23 November 2016

Diagnosing a painful tongue ulcer

Ken, 65, presents with an ulcer on the left lateral margin of his tongue, which has been present for several months.
12 October 2016