Therapy Update 12 December 2018 Lisa Yates

6 skin conditions that can improve with the right diet

Skin disorders commonly require nutritional intervention as part of the 
treatment plan. About 15% of the body’s protein is found in the skin, which regenerates about once a month.1,2
Therapy Update 10 December 2018 Associate Professor Kathryn Ellis, Associate Professor Kay Cox, Professor Nicola Lautenschlager

The evidence for exercise in dementia prevention

Physical inactivity is the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality according to the WHO.
Therapy Update 07 December 2018 Dr Scott Masters

5 tips for back pain care that will improve patient outcomes

Low back pain is a significant global issue for both patients and the health system.
Therapy Update 03 December 2018 Professor Jane Fisher

How to support women with perinatal depression and anxiety

Mental health problems are common among women during the perinatal period; defined as the time from conception until 12 months old. In Australia, antenatal depression affects up to one in 10 women1 and postnatal depression affects one in six.2
Therapy Update 28 November 2018 Professor Mark Dadds

A GP guide to tackling conduct problems in kids

Australia has made improving mental health a national priority for several years now. Groups like Beyondblue have led the way in improving mental health literacy with regard to common adult disorders like depression and anxiety. But what about children?
Therapy Update 27 November 2018 Dr Anna Watts

How to juggle testosterone therapy when supply is short

Multiple preparations are available on the Australian market for men requiring testosterone replacement therapy. Changes to the PBS in 2015 required that decisions to commence testosterone be made in conjunction with a specialist.
Therapy Update 21 November 2018 Professor Nick Zwar

How to prevent rabies in travellers

Rabies occurs in more than 150 countries and is responsible for about 59,000 human deaths worldwide per year.1
Therapy Update 13 November 2018 Dr Melody Caramins

A GP guide to MBS items for BRCA genes

Increasing awareness of the role of genetics in breast and ovarian cancer, and a number of new and widely publicised MBS items providing rebated testing related to BRCA genes, have resulted in a rise in enquiries to GPs from patients about these tests.
Therapy Update 09 November 2018 Dr Carolyn Ee

Better diet helps beat depression

Amy, a 45-year-old mother-of-three, presented with mild symptoms of depression and anxiety.
Therapy Update 06 November 2018 Dr Simon Rosenbaum

A GP's guide to getting patients moving for their mental health

The evidence-base for exercise as a component of treatment for various mental disorders has rapidly increased over the past decade.