Therapy Update 10 July 2018 Dr Damian Ryan

Light at the end of the carpal tunnel

Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most common conditions managed by hand surgeons. Up to 5% of the general population experiences carpal tunnel syndrome at some time.
Therapy Update 04 July 2018 Ashley Heyworth, Dr Meredith Hinds

Treating Wernicke’s encephalopathy

Wernicke’s encephalopathy is an underrecognised and undertreated acute neurological condition.
Therapy Update 26 June 2018 Dr Genevieve Oliver, Professor Justine Smith

Is your patient at risk of a retinal infection?

The retina is the tissue that lines the back of the eye, converting the visual image into a neural signal and performing the initial steps of visual processing. Damage to the retina through infection causes loss of vision that is often permanent.
Therapy Update 20 June 2018 Dr Katrina Rowan

How embryo screening can improve the odds of IVF success

Pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS) is a technique used during IVF treatment to screen embryos for aneuploidy (numerical chromosomal abnormalities) prior to embryo transfer.
Therapy Update 14 June 2018 Dr Fiona Foo

A GP's guide to heart disease in women

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Australian women.1 Twenty-two Australian women die from heart disease every day — 10 from a myocardial infarction.2-4
Therapy Update 06 June 2018 Dr Andrew Lansdown

Preparing your patients for surgery

It doesn’t seem groundbreaking for primary care physicians to play a central role in a patient’s surgical journey, but it’s a concept that has only recently gained traction in the field of perioperative medicine.
Therapy Update 30 May 2018 Dr Clare Wood, Associate Professor Deborah Yates

Work-related interstitial lung disease

There has been a great deal of media interest in recent years about interstitial diseases of the lung caused by exposure to dusts in an occupational setting.1
Therapy Update 30 May 2018 Dr Ian Vela

Cutting through the confusion around changes to PSA testing

UNDERSTANDING MENChanges to PSA testing have led to confusion.
Therapy Update 24 May 2018 Dr Carolyn Ee

How acupuncture helped restore function to a patient with disabling polyarthritis

Dr Carolyn Ee discusses a good result with a tricky pain caseDonald was a mystery to his specialists.A previously well man in his 70s,  he had developed sudden-onset polyarthritis and synovitis after major surgery. The pain was quite disabling.
Therapy Update 22 May 2018 Dr Graeme Rich

A new surgical approach for weight loss

The proportion of Australians characterised as overweight (BMI greater than 25kg/m2) or obese (BMI greater than 30kg/m2) has tripled since 1980, and 63.4% of Australian adults now fall into one of these categories.1