sponsored 03 November 2017 Professor Rodney Sinclair

Rules of thumb to manage fungal infections

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Therapy Update 02 November 2017 Dr Simon Young

How to help patients deal with an unclear diagnosis

I recently discovered a new word — heuristic. It comes from an Ancient Greek word meaning ‘find’ or ‘discover’ and describes an approach to problem-solving that employs a practical method that might not be perfect but is good enough for the moment. 
Therapy Update 01 November 2017 Dr Bronwyn Devine

How do you tackle the topic of pregnancy and parenting with your LGBTI patients?

Raising children together is a desirable and fundamentally important goal for many couples. In addition, many single people, regardless of gender or sexual identity, are seeking to create a family through donor or surrogacy arrangements.
Therapy Update 23 October 2017 Professor Amanda Barnard

Preparing for the next thunderstorm asthma

After last spring's epidemic thunderstorm asthma event in Victoria, the worst ever recorded worldwide, the phenomenon is back in the news ahead of the first grass pollen season in south-eastern Australia.1
Therapy Update 19 October 2017 Professor John Christodoulou

Advances in mitochondrial disease

In 2011, Australian Doctor published a How to Treat article on mitochondrial disease.1
Therapy Update 17 October 2017 Associate Professor Vicki Kotsirilos

Gentle questioning gets to the source of this woman's pain

Samantha, a 38-year-old married woman with  two children, presented with many years of suffering migraines, neck pain and premenstrual syndrome (PMS).  She has been experiencing breast discomfort, abdominal bloating, headaches and migraines every month before menses. 
Therapy Update 16 October 2017 Lisa Yates

Does modern science support the traditional medicinal use of tumeric?

FOOD FACTORHave you had a haldi wala doodh lately? The so-called golden milk, otherwise known as a turmeric latte. It is a huge dietary fad.
Therapy Update 10 October 2017 Associate Professor Maurice Brygel

Toeing the (ingrown) line

Ingrown toenail is a painful condition, mainly affecting the big toe on one or both feet. It arises when the nail edge grows into and irritates the overlying skin fold. This causes severe pain and infection may supervene.
Therapy Update 03 October 2017 Professor Nick Zwar

Prescribing for senior travellers

As more older people and those with chronic conditions are travelling, GPs increasingly need to provide advice on travelling with medicines
Therapy Update 27 September 2017 Dr Toby Commerford, Jackie Kerr

How to navigate the labyrinth of aged care

Australia’s aged care system provides dependent older people access to support for disabilities, either in the community or via relocation into a residential aged care facility.